North Shore Marathon

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Starting in 2011, the North Shore Marathon is an event held every year in Auckland, New Zealand. It is one of the most popular marathon events in New Zealand, known for its beautiful scenery and for having challenging, but fun running and walking routes. It also offers multiple events that are different distances, so there is an event perfect for a variety of ages and fitness levels!

The course

With roads, grassy trails, hills and beaches, the North Shore marathon is a challenging, fun course with trails for all types of runners and walkers. No matter which event you register for, all paths are by the beach at Milford Reserve and all around Historic North Head.

A route for everyone

The North Shore Marathon is such an exciting event no matter what fitness level you are. With various courses and lengths, anyone can participate. So, whether you have run multiple marathons, this is your first time, or you just like enjoying the outdoors while staying active, we promise you will not regret signing up!

The North Shore Marathon has four different distances: full marathon (42.2km), half marathon (21.1km), 10km run, 5km run or walk, and the Kids Marathon.

We are so excited to offer all these different lengths and courses because we want to create a community for anyone who loves outdoor fitness to feel welcome and excited. With these various routes and distances, the community is large and enthusiastic, supporting athletes of many ages and fitness levels. So even if you are not quite ready for a full marathon, you will fit right in. We know you will still love being a part of the event. We want you to choose the right course for you so you can feel your strongest and proudest when crossing that finish line!

  • The Marathon course will take you throughout the North Shore area on winding roads, beaches, and hills to really push yourself to your best.
  • The 21.1km Half Marathon course is similar to the marathon course, but you will be done faster!
  • The 10km event takes you on a loop through the streets of Takapuna, before heading back towards Milford Reserve for the finish.
  • The 5km course is perfect for those who only want to run or walk a short distance, but still want to be a part of the annual, memorable, exciting North Shore marathon event. This course takes a scenic route along the shore of Lake Pupuke before finishing at Milford Reserve.
  • The 1.61km Kids Marathon Mile allows you to make the North Shore Marathon a family activity! Everyone can choose the best distance for themself, and everyone can celebrate and relax together once all finish lines have been crossed!


No matter which event you sign up for, the scenic routes and hidden gems will help keep you motivated to cross the finish line, no matter how tired you’re feeling!

You can see the outline of the routes for each event on the official North Shore Marathon website.

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A Community of Walkers and Runners

At the North Shore Marathon, not only will you be surrounded by breathtaking views, but you will also be surrounded by a supportive community of other runners and walkers. Whether you come to the marathon alone or have a group of family and friends cheering you on, all the energy and encouragement around you will motivate you all the way to the finish line.

The marathon may be a couple months away, but you can join the online community today by following our Facebook page!

A bit of other information…

Lots of information and answers to commonly asked questions, such as the schedule for the day of the event (e.g., warm up times, run and walk start times for all courses, etc.) can be found on our website.

See you there!

We can’t wait to see you and cheer you on as you push yourself through the finish line!