NZ Running Calendar: Must-Attend Running Events in New Zealand

This year is full of challenging and great running events in the country. Take on to your next challenge and save the date of these events. Start training and find out more about your next race.

NZ Running Calendar


The first event in your event calendar is IRONMAN Taupo. 270 km away from Auckland, IRONMAN Taupo offers more than just an incredible race. This renowned tourist destination invites you to immerse yourself in a world of captivating experiences. After your run, cast your line and indulge in world-class trout fishing, or embark on thrilling mountain biking and hiking adventures that will leave you breathless with awe. For the adrenaline seekers, Taupō offers an array of heart-pumping activities that will ignite your spirit of adventure.

Date: Saturday 4 March, 2023

Ultimate Athlete Mount Maunganui

Ultimate Athlete Mount Maunganui is a thrilling and challenging event that caters to fitness enthusiasts seeking a unique and exhilarating experience. The event is located in the beautiful coastal town of Mount Maunganui in New Zealand. Not only can participants enjoy breathtaking scenery, but also a range of activities in the area.

The Ultimate Athlete Mount Maunganui features a variety of races, including half marathons, trail runs, and triathlons, catering to all levels of fitness and abilities. Runners can choose from different distances and terrains, including scenic trails and challenging mountainous routes.

This event, held annually, attracts runners from around New Zealand, Australia and beyond, making it a truly international gathering of athletes. Participants can register online, ensuring a smooth and convenient process.

By participating in the Ultimate Athlete Mount Maunganui, athletes can test their endurance, enjoy the stunning landscapes of Mount Maunganui, and compete with fellow runners in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. This event offers a great opportunity to challenge yourself and achieve new personal goals.

Date: Saturday 29 April, 2023

Wings For Life World Run

By joining the Wings for Life World Run, you can experience the ultimate reward of running in support of those who can’t. This global event allows participants from around the world to unite and run simultaneously for a truly worthy cause.

As the primary fundraiser for the non-profit foundation Wings for Life, the run aims to support their mission of finding a cure for spinal cord injuries. By participating in the Wings for Life World Run, you can make a meaningful contribution to this important cause.

Choose to participate in the run at one of the designated locations in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Wellington, or Hamilton. Alternatively, you can join the event from anywhere in the world using the Wings for Life World Run App, providing a convenient option for all running enthusiasts.

For the flagship run, head to Auckland, where the excitement will be at its peak. Lace up your running shoes and join thousands of fellow participants in a memorable and impactful experience.

Date: Sunday 7 May, 2023

NZ Running Calendar

Auckland Marathon

Get ready for an incredible opportunity to run across the famous Auckland Harbour Bridge at the Auckland Marathon, New Zealand’s biggest and most iconic marathon event.

It’s an essential experience for every aspiring runner. With five race distances to choose from, including the 2.2km Kids Marathon and the full Marathon, there’s a challenge suited to everyone. Whether you want to run solo, walk at a leisurely pace, join a team, or even participate as a Charity Superstar, all are warmly welcomed.

Make sure to mark this unforgettable event on your calendar and prepare for an amazing running adventure.

Date: Sunday 29 October, 2023

NZ Running Calendar

Queenstown Marathon

This race is a highly anticipated event in the New Zealand running calendar among all athletic events. With options including the half marathon, full Marathon, 10km, and Kids Run, it caters to runners of all abilities. Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Crown and Remarkable mountain ranges, participants can enjoy the stunning scenery throughout their run. The event attracts runners from both New Zealand and abroad, making it a truly international gathering. Registration is available online, and upgrades or changes to race categories can be easily made.

Safety and navigation are prioritised, ensuring a smooth and secure running experience with course marshals and clear signage. After the race, participants can check their results and compare times. The Queenstown Marathon is a celebration of accomplishments and an opportunity to create lasting memories in the beautiful landscape of New Zealand. Ensure your place and register today.

Date: Saturday 18 November, 2023

Set yourself an event goal!

Planning your running calendar is indeed crucial for achieving your goals. Whether you are an experienced runner or a newbie starting your first season, setting event goals can provide a sense of purpose and accomplishment. If you aim to complete a half marathon, conquer a trail run, or run for a worthy cause, these events can be the perfect opportunity to push your limits. Attending these events not only boosts your motivation but also allows you to meet people who share your interests and can support and inspire you. So lace up your shoes, commit to the necessary training, and embark on an incredible journey towards your next running events!

Explore the Biggest Running Events in New Zealand

Triathlons in New Zealand

Are you ready to upgrade to your next challenge? This year, athletes have several opportunities to join Triathlons in New Zealand and push their limits to new heights. From thrilling sprint-distance races to demanding Olympic-distance events, there’s a triathlon suited to your abilities and goals. Check out the upcoming Sunday where you can engage in a truly challenging and exhilarating multi-sport event. Triathlons in New Zealand are the ultimate test of endurance, combining swimming, cycling, and running into one incredible race. Dive into the open waters, pedal through scenic landscapes, and sprint towards the finish line. Upgrade to your next level of athletic achievement and experience the rush of competing in these extraordinary triathlons amidst the breathtaking beauty of New Zealand.

NZ Running Calendar

Half Marathons in New Zealand

Challenge yourself in an unforgettable running adventure through the number of half marathons of New Zealand. These events offer a magnificent blend of scenic beauty and personal triumph. From breathtaking trail runs, such as the Tarawera Ultra, to iconic road races like the Auckland Marathon, there’s a perfect half marathon for every runner. These races provide a thrilling challenge and a chance to test your abilities. Half marathons are also serve as excellent training opportunities before taking on a full marathon.

NZ Running Calendar

Trail Runs in New Zealand

Do you have excellent sense of navigation? Then Trail Runs in the natural beauty of New Zealand is for you. From rugged mountain trails to serene forest paths, these events offer a unique and adventurous running experience. Navigate through winding tracks, conquer steep ascents and descents, and revel in the ever-changing terrain that challenges both body and mind. Held in picturesque locations, Trail Runs in New Zealand allow runners to discover hidden gems and remote landscapes that are off the beaten path.

Fun Runs and Charity Races in New Zealand

It feel better to run if you can give back to, do you agree? Experience the joy of giving back while having a blast at the fun runs and charity races in New Zealand. These events offer a unique opportunity to combine fitness, fun, and philanthropy. Some events invites you to dress up in colourful costumes for a themed fun run or participate in a charity race to support a worthy cause. These events bring people together for a memorable and meaningful experience. From local community fundraisers to national charity initiatives, fun runs and charity races, athletes can find several in New Zealand for runners and walkers of all ages and abilities to make a positive impact while enjoying the camaraderie and excitement of the event.

Virtual Runs in New Zealand

Virtual Runs in New Zealand provide an easier and more accessible way for running enthusiasts to enter challenges without the need to travel across the country. These running events offer the flexibility to choose your own time, route, and pace, allowing participants to join from anywhere. This is a perfect opportunity for runners who love running alone, or if they enjoy the support of the virtual community. From themed fun runs to charity races supporting worthy causes, virtual runs provide an opportunity to stay motivated, track progress, and receive virtual medals and certificates.

Challenge yourself and add your next virtual running event to your calendar!

NZ Running Calendar