Wellington Marathon

New Zealand Marathon

The Wellington Marathon is an annual event that is based at Wellington’s Sky Stadium. In 2023, it will take place on Sunday the 25th of June. It is a fast course and features a scenic journey through the city and its landmarks, including the railway station, Michael Fowler Centre, Te Papa, Oriental Parade, Scorching Bay and Queens Wharf. The course is very flat, with only one hill, and the event is fully certified to IAAF and AIMS standards. It’s perfect for both serious and casual runners alike.

Marathons in New Zealand are widely known to be very enjoyable due to the country’s amazing environment, and the Wellington Marathon is no exception.

Event Overview

The Wellington Marathon has four different types of courses: the Full Marathon, the Half Marathon, 10km run, and the Kids’ Magic Mile. All of the races start on the Sky Stadium Walkway and head south on Waterloo Quay toward the railway station.

The Full Marathon goes through the CBD, Oriental Parade, Evans Bay Parade, Cobham Drive and Miramar Peninsula to Scorching Bay and back. The Half Marathon follows the same route as far as Miramar Peninsula before going back, while the 10km course runs until the end of Oriental Parade and back. The Kids’ Magic Mile goes to the railway station and back. All the races finish heading north from the Railway Station and Waterloo Quay back to Sky Stadium.

Spectators can watch the full and half marathons from two spectator points. The corner of Cobham Drive and Evans Bay Parade, and at Scorching Bay. More information can be found on the official website of the Wellington Marathon.

If you are looking for some more motivation during your run, you can join a ‘pace team’. Runners taking part in the half marathon can join a team that is led by experienced runners. The team aims to meet certain time goals and the pace leaders hold a flag with their time on it. Pace teams will assemble on race day next to the start in their respective time zones, and runners can pick up a pace band the day before the race at the pack pickup to help pace themselves.

How to Train for the Wellington Marathon

Of course, it’s not wise to take part in the event without any training under your belt. Your body will undergo a big strain, so it’s vital to prepare yourself before the big day. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Know your limits – Be realistic about what you can do. There is no shame in doing a half marathon if you think a full one is too much.
  • Get coaching – If you want to be serious about your running, you can hire a professional running coach to help you. They can lend you the experience you need to make the most of the race.
  • Make sure your diet is in check – Remember to eat nutritional foods and drink plenty of water leading up to the event. You will need the right fuel in your body if you want to do well!

Visit the official website of the Wellington Marathon for comprehensive resources on how you should train for the event.

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New Zealand Marathon