Rotorua Marathon

Rotorua Marathon

The Rotorua Marathon started in 1965. It is one of the oldest and most beautiful marathons in NZ. The Rotorua Marathon is often referred to as the ‘People’s Marathon’ because runners and walkers of all ages and experience levels take part in the event. The Rotorua Marathon takes competitors around the stunning Lake Rotorua, which provides the perfect scenic backdrop for the event.

The scenery that motivates you to keep going.

No matter how much training you do, there is usually at least some point during the marathon where you’ll think to yourself, “how much longer?” Thankfully, the breathtaking scenery around Lake Rotorua will definitely help to quiet down those doubtful and negative voices in your head. So, whether this is your first marathon or your tenth, no matter what your fitness level is, we couldn’t think of a better marathon in New Zealand for you to participate in.

Rotorua Marathon distances

Regardless of your fitness level, you can still be a part of this iconic and historic marathon as there are different races that cover varying distances. Even though the shorter routes do not take you around the Lake, the views along all the routes are incomparably beautiful.

You can choose a distance from the following:

  • Marathon – The Red Stag Timber Marathon is 42.2km. The route takes you around a full lap of Lake Rotorua and will push you to your limits with a variety of elevations along the way. The marathon route starts and finishes in the Government Gardens.
  • Half Marathon – The Red Stag Timber Half Marathon is 21km. The route also starts and finishes in the Government Gardens, and will take you through Whakarewarewa Forest.
  • 10KM Race – The Go Media 10km Race route is similar to the marathon distance in that starts and finishes in the Government Gardens, but of course, this course is shorter.
  • 5KM Race – This is the best route to turn the Rotorua Marathon into a family event. It’s also a great distance for fundraising groups. Even though it is the shortest option, you’ll still be a part of the annual, iconic Rotorua Marathon event.
Kirikiriroa Marathon​

We are here for you from the beginning to the finish line.

We know how important your training and preparation is. That’s why we have put together some training guides and recommendations for you to help you reach your best fitness potential and cross that finish line feeling strong and proud.

We also love the community and support that the Rotorua Marathon event creates. We want to foster and build that community before the race day. Start building your team and support before the race day by joining a local running club to help keep you motivated during your training.

We can’t wait to see you there!

The Rotorua Marathon is one of the greatest, historic and most iconic marathon events in New Zealand. It facilitates participants of all ages and fitness levels, so there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying what the Rotorua Marathon has to offer. We hope you find the event as supportive and empowering as we do. Register today!

Some other fun facts

  • The Red Stag Timber Marathon has been IAAF and AIMS Certified since 2017.
  • The only year there the Rotorua Marathon did not happen was in 1999 due to heavy rainfall.
  • Our logo was designed by Te Wehi Preston, a Rotorua-based artist.